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Hans-Peter Feldmann "without words"

a film by Ralph Goertz

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Erik Kessels at NRW-Forum Duesseldorf

12 Aug - 5 Nov 2017


Erik Kessels ranks among the most important creative professionals in Europe. He co-founded the international agency KesselsKramer in Amsterdam and is not only a advertisers, but also an artist, curator, publicist and a passionate collector of photographs. 

The Erik Kessels & Friends exhibition is the first comprehensive presentation in Germany of this Dutch artist and advertiser who has a preference for the imperfect and the incomplete. The exhibit will showcase the most important works of the past 20 years. Aside from that, he has invited along five friends, the artists Paul Kooiker, Joan Fontcuberta, Peter Piller, Joachim Schmid and Ruth van Beek, who will be intervening in the survey exhibition with their own works.


We met the artist for an interview and talked about his attitude on contemparary photography. May thanks!


photo © IKS-Medienarchiv


IKS released documentary on German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann

"without words" - a film by Ralph Goertz



It was a journey into the undefined. When we started the filming of a documentary about the German conceptual artist in 2010, it was not clear whether a film should finally be released. The media artist does not give interviews. Therefore comes the 30min. Film (almost) without language and developed itself over the years to the concept film. Hans-Peter Feldmann is considered to be one of the most important contemporary artists in Germany and influenced the artist's generation to this day. With humor, irony and poetry, he creates his works of art and reveals his very personal gaze on art and his understanding of art. WATCH THE TRAILER!


As a bonus track you will find a very rare 40 min. artist talk with Kasper König!

The film has been published by Koenig books and will be available via ISBN (978-3-86335-971-3) or online!


"Art et Liberté" – Surrealism in Egypt (1938-48) at the K20

15 July - 15 Oct. 2017


This is the first comprehensive museum exhibition about the largely forgotten Cairo based group "Art et Liberté" (art and liberty, jama’at al-fann wa al-hurriyyah). The exhibition presents more than 200 works from around 50 collections in 12 different countries, including paintings, works on paper, prints, photographs, films, books, and archival documents. At the dawn of World War II and during Egypt’s colonial rule by the British Empire the surrealist collective of artists and writers was engaged in its defiance of Fascism, Nationalism and Colonialism.


Watch the trailer!


photo © IKS-Medienarchiv


SPOT ON: 1937. The "degenerate art" in Düsseldorf

Museum Kunstpalast

14 July until Summer 2018


In the Düsseldorf Art Collections alone, around 1.000 artworks left the museum storerooms. In addition, many modern works were exchanged or sold on the museum‘s own initiative between 1933 and 1945.

In 2013, inventory records and other documents in the museum and in the municipal archives relating to the confiscation were studied in detail for the first time. The project was initiated by the museum‘s provenance researcher and the Research Center for “Degenerate Art“ at the Freie Universität in Berlin and resulted in a comprehensive update of the Center’s research database.

This year, exactly 80 years after the confiscation, our museum wants to put the insights of this research project into perspective and communicate it to a larger audience.


Watch the trailer!


Foto © IKS-Medienarchiv

Mythos Tour de France im NRW-Forum Düsseldorf

18.05. - 30.07.2017

"Mythos Tour de France" will span more than 80 years of Tour history with over 120 works by 20 international artists and will showcase the powerful imagery of the most important bike race in the world. It will shine a light on the tumultuous history of the Tour de France, show its splendour and its more shady aspects and demonstrate how sporting events and image events are interdependent. This exhibition will interweave different narrative threads and artistic perspectives and explore the following question: how did the Tour create its mystique?

WATCH OUR "99sec. of:"

photo: Ralph Goertz © IKS-Medienarchiv 2017

Cranach at Museum Kunstpalast

CRANACH Master - Brand - Modernism
Museum Kunstpalast


photo: Isabel Hernandez

Gerhard Richter. The Editions at Museum Folkwang

April 7 – Juli 30, 2017

Museum Folkwang presents from April 2017 all of Gerhard Richter’s editions from Olbricht Collection created since 1965. Gerhard Richter. The Editions. provides an overview of his artistic output to date, which now spans over five decades. Richter has been using editions both to reinterpret and disseminate his art since the 1960s. Even his early prints reveal how the artist formulated questions he was addressing in his painterly practice in new ways in his editions, namely questions concerning the relationship between original and reproduction, or the properties of painting and photography, as well as the readability of his themes.


photo: Jens Nober © Museum Folkwang

HSL digital lab celebrates 30 year with exhibition


The Duessldorf based photo lab HSL is celebrating their 30 year company. In occasion of the celebration they announced an exhibition with works by Tony Cragg, Candida Höfer, Hans-Peter Feldmann: etc., curated by Ralph Goertz, director of IKS. "30 years - 30 artists" will take place at HSL and starting on May 5th at the fiftyfifty Gallery in Duesseldorf. All photographs will be sold to support homeless people.


Haunted House at Gallery Cosar HMT

March 11 - April 18, 2017.
Three extraordinary artists from England, Austria and Germany are bringing their art into the Duesseldorf based Gallery Gosar HMT. Werner Reiterer, Guenter Weseler and David Falconer are playing in a fascinating and absurd way with their contemporary view on sculptur and painting.


photo: Installation by Werner Reiterer

New Artist Rooms at the Kunstsammlung NRW

Alexandra Bircken

Starting April 2017


The K21 Ständehaus is a very special venue for young international artists and for the contemporary portions of the permanent collection. Traversing three levels, 22 rooms offer visitors intensive encounters with painting, sculpture, photography, film, and in particular with spatially-oriented art. Selected contemporary artists are invited to display works for a period of one year, thereby engaging in dialogue with other works in the collection.

photo: Isabel Hernandez © IKS-Medienarchiv

More than 3000 visitors at the opening

Peter Lindbergh came from Paris to Duesseldorf for the opening of his exhibition "Peter Lindbergh / Garry Winogrand: Women on Street" (curated by Ralph Goertz / IKS) an broke all records of the NRW-Forum Duesseldorf.

The opening evening of the Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2017 at the NRW-Forum was a great success. Next to "Thomas Mailänder: The Fun Archive" (curated by Alain Bieber), "Perfect Storm" und "On Photography" (imai) it was Peter Lindbergh, who broke with more than 3000 visitors all records. His exhibition "Lindbergh/Winogrand" is on view till 30th April.

Many thanks to the team of the NRW-Forum, Alain Bieber, Clara Maria Sels and all visitors, who were patience enough to wait in the very long line outside!

photos: Isabel Hernandez © IKS-Medienarchiv 2017


Peter Lindbergh / Garry Winogrand:

Women on street

curated Ralph Goertz

Duesseldorf Photo Weekend 2017

IKS starts 2017 with Lindbergh and Winogrand


It is a great upcoming exhibition to start the New Year 2017. The IKS presents together with the NRW-Forum the exhibition "Peter Lindbergh / Garry Winogrand: Women in street" (curator: Ralph Goertz). The exhibit presents two of the best photographers and centers around the question of reality and staging in street photography. Next to the first presentation in Germany of the series "Women are beautiful" by Garry Winogrand, we also present 44 photographs by Peter Lindbergh, which he made on street back in 1990s.
As a world premiere we are also proud to present the rare color works by Garry Winogrand!

© The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

© Peter Lindbergh, Paris


Thomas Schütte at Sculpturehall Neuss

28 Jan. - 12 March 2017

Thomas Schütte counts as one of the most important sculptors in contemporary art. At the sculpture hall in Neuss Thomas Schütte presents, next to new and older works, his impressive "United Enemies". Great exhibit!


photo © IKS-Medienarchiv


Ulrike Schulze receives Ehrenhof Prize 2016

Museum Kunstpalast Düsselorf
20 Jan - 16 April 2017


In 2016 the Museum Kunstpalast announced together with Georg Landsberg the Ehrenhof Prize for a graduate of the famous Art Academie in Düsseldorf. The first prize goes to Ulrike Schulze who is work with minimal, side specific installations.
We met the artist for a short interview.


photo: Isabel Hernandez © IKS-Medienarchiv



Candida Höfer at Thomas Zander Gallery

Candida Höfer - Observations
19 Nov. 2016 - 4 Feb. 2017

The Thomas Zander Gallery presents at their current exhibition for the first time new dye transfer prints, which were made this year in cooperation with the Gallery.
But what you also can see are some new works, which are becoming closer to abstract photography.
We met the artist for an interview. Many thanks!



Norbert Tadeusz at Beck & Eggeling

Nobert Tadeusz | Olé!

4 Nov 2016 – 21 Jan 2017


For the first time the Gallery Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art presents an overview of painting by german painter Norbert Tadeusz. All works are shown for the first time or were not shown for a long time.

The works, which displays interior or yerydayness scenes, were made between 1974 and 2006.



Degas & Rodin at Von der Heydt Museum Wuppertal

IKS produced the documentary

Degas & Rodin

25 Oct 2016 - 26 Feb 2017

The did know and respected each other. Their works on movement, body, space and time are unique and both were fascinated by horses, women and photography. Without them the modern age in art would not have been possible.
On the occation of the exhibit, we were asked to produced a documentary in Paris and Meudon. Many thanks!


Edgar Degas "Drei Tänzerinnen", ca. 1903, Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, Sammlung Beyeler


Christo at Museum Kunstpalast

On November 3rd, 2016 the artist CHRISTO will visit the Museum Kunstpalast for a lecture.
Christo is also part of the exhibition "Behind the curtain" where he presents his "Wrapped Beetle" from 1963/2014.
Ralph Goertz, director of the IKS, met Christo last winter at his studio in New York and talked with him about this work, which he presented at the Schmela Gallery for the first time back in 1963.


"Dancing with Myself" im Museum Folkwang

Self-portrait and Self-invention / works from the PINAULT COLLECTION


From October 7, 2016, to January 15, 2017, the large exhibition hall in the Museum Folkwang will be given over to an artistic examination of the self. The thread that links the pieces together is the multifaceted presence of the artists in their own work. It will be the first time that such a substantial number of the outstanding group of works acquired by Francois Pinault is to be put on display in Germany. Dancing with Myself is a playful, poetic, poltical, and wild dance through contemporary art moving from the 1960s up to our own time. At the same time Dancing with Myself is also a vibrant media crossover.



"Behind the curtain" at Museum Kunstpalast
Concealment and Revelation since the Renaissance. From Tizian to Christo

1 Oct. 2016 - 22 Jan. 2017

The fascinating interplay between concealing and showing, veiling and revealing using a curtain, veil or drapery is introduced in this themed exhibition, which is staged exclusively in Düsseldorf and shows important works from six centuries.



From Dürer to van Gogh at Wallraf-Richartz Museum

Bührle Collection meets Wallraf Collection
23 Sept 2016 - 29 Jan 2017

Two of the most important collections meeting each other at the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Cologne.
In November 1956, shortly before his unexpected death, the Zurich-based industrialist Emil Bührle recalled how his passion for collecting had arisen: ‘Monet’s magic would just not lose its hold on me, and I wanted to have Cézanne, Degas, Manet and Renoir around me all the time, on my walls.’ Within a few years he had amassed an astonishing number of outstanding works of art from all major periods, from the Gothic to the Cubism. Impressionism remained his greatest love, however, and here his interests coincide with those of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum. Both were at times competing for the finest paintings on the art market in the first half of the 1950s, and today, sixty years after Bührle’s death, some 64 master­works from the two collections are entering into a unique dialogue at the Museum. Along with items by the artists named above the exhibition features works by Dürer, Cuyp, Canaletto, Delacroix, Courbet, Sisley, Pissarro, Gauguin, van Gogh, Picasso, Braque and others. The exhibition will be shown only in Cologne.   



"Cloud & Crystal" at K20

The Dorothee and Konrad Fischer Collection
23 Sept 2016 - 8 Jan 2017

With the exhibition "Cloud & Crystal. The Dorothee and Konrad Fischer Collection" the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen celebrates the acquisition of the art collection formerly owned by the famous Düsseldorf gallerist couple Dorothee and Konrad Fischer. These works of Conceptual Art and Minimalism represent a decisive complement to the collection of US postwar painting already owned by the Kunstsammlung. Konrad Fischer emblematizes the international breakthrough of these advanced artistic tendencies like virtually no other figure. Beginning in the 1960s, his gallery became a meeting point for artists and collectors and catapulted Düsseldorf to the Mount Olympus of the contemporary avant-garde.


photo: Ralph Goertz © IKS 2016



Gallery Ute Parduhn presents Grünbein / Lewandowsky

02 Sept - 28 Oct 2016

The Gallery Ute Parduhn presents two artists, who are collaborationg for their project DIE SONNE VOLL IN AKTION, for the opening of the DC-OPEN: DURS GRÜNBEIN and VIA LEWANDOWSKY. A journey between reality and surreality, between photography and poetry.



Richard Deacon at Museum Folkwang

Drawings and Prints 1968 - 2016
26 August - 13 November 2016



Richard Deacon (*1949 Bangor/Wales) is one of the most important sculptors worldwide. Next to his world famous sculptors, Deacon is also passionate about drawing, an activity that is highly significant for him: “I believe drawing and thinking are very close to each other.”

This is the first time that an exhibition is devoted to Richard Deacon’s drawings. Approximately 150 works from five decades are shown – from the artist’s early beginnings up to the present day. Almost all of the works have never before been shown to the public. Drawing has a twofold function for Deacon: alongside sketches and studies for sculptures, the artist also produced drawings independent of sculptural projects from early on. The formal scope of these autonomous drawings is substantial, ranging from early small-scale collages and large-format pencil drawings to entire series in recent years. His latest work is a wall drawing that the artist conceived especially for the exhibition entrance wall.
We were allowed to accompany the artist during the setup of his show in Essen. Many thanks!


Photo: Isabel Hernandez © IKS 2016


IKS produce short film Andreas Gursky

The K20 / Kunstsammlung Northern Westfalia presents "Andreas Gursky - not abstract". We were allowed to accompany the photo artist over two days during the setup and met him and Marion Ackermann, director of K20, for an excusive walk through the exhibition. Many thanks!


photo: Ralph Goertz © IKS 2016


Andreas Gursky at K20

Andreas Gursky - not abstract / K20 Grabbeplatz
02 July - 06 November 2016


The exhibition Andreas Gursky – not abstract provides an initial look at new works by the renowned Düsseldorf photoartist, all of them created especially for this project and presented here alongside selected earlier works.



In his recent works, Andreas Gursky explores the abstract potential of the photographic medium.

Accompanying the photographic works is a minimalist sound installation by the Canadian producer and DJ Richie Hawtin. Concept 1 was published by Hawtin in 1996 as a series of minimalistic tracks that pursue ideas concerning rhythmic abstractness in music.

We were allowed to accompany Andreas Gursky during the setup. Many thanks!

photo: Ralph Goertz © IKS


IKS produced documentary on Zero artist Heinz Mack


Heinz Mack was one of the founders of the internationally best known art group ZERO.
Our art documentary accompanied the artist over a period of 30 years and shows the artist during his work as a painter and sculptor in his studio.
"Since 60 years I am working as an artist, just 10 of the with ZERO" Heinz Mack


Photo: Ralph Goertz © IKS-Medienarchiv


C/O Berlin presents our documentary on Jörg Sasse

On November 15th the C/O Berlin presents our documentary "Jörg Sasse - works 1981-2014" (directed by Ralph Goertz) for the first time. The artist will be present.

Foto: 2613, 2004 © Jörg Sasse / VG Bild-Kunst 2015

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