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Exhibition / upcoming:

Two Rivers: Joachim Brohm / Alec Soth

NRW-Forum Duesseldorf

28 March - 7 July 2019

Curator / Concept: Ralph Goertz


Two photographers, two rivers: The exhibition "Two Rivers" presents the most important photographic works by the German artist Joachim Brohm and the American photographer Alec Soth. In a world premiere, the exhibition unites works from a total of eight series, including Alec Soth's main work "Sleeping by the Mississippi" and Joachim Brohm's famous "Ruhr" series.


The exhibition focuses on Alec Soth's series "Sleeping by the Missisippi" and Joachim Brohm's series "Ruhr", which portray people on the periphery of the river. Brohm, who studied at the Folkwang Hochschule, is a visual artist who expresses himself with the medium of photography. Soth is a lyrical documentary photographer in the tradition of Robert Frank, Stephen Shore and Michael Schmidt. The connection between the two photographers is a documentary-artistic view that identifies them as sensitive documentarians of their social environment. The exhibition brings together a total of eight groups of works by the two photographers. In addition to the well-known series on "Ruhr" and "Ohio"by Brohm and on "Sleeping by the Mississippi", "Songbook" and "Niagara" by Alec Soth, Joachim Brohm's rare portraits and a new work by Alec Soth will be shown for the first time.

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